EA promised new milestone objectives card following FIFA 20’s Winter Refresh, and this is now coming to fruition.

New objectives are required to unlock an upgraded card, so read on to see what you need to do to unlock this sick card.

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Birger Verstraete (OVR 88)

verstraete 88 new milestone objectives fifa 20

It’s a remarkable card for Koln defensive milder Birger Verstraete, who sees his objectives card improve from 86 to 88 following the ratings refresh.

The Belgian’s base card is a 74, so it’s a tremendous upgrade for the 25-year-old.

Head into FIFA 20 to get your hands on the solid defensive midfielder – with only his shooting below an 85 rating.

You will need to have already unlocked Verstraete’s 86 Objectives card to be eligible for the upgrade.

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