Boyzone will continue touring without Keith Duffy as he is rushed to hospital in Thailand

Boyzone were a five piece until Stephen Gately (bottom right) sadly died in 200(9 (Picture: WireImage)

Boyzone have confirmed they will continue touring without Keith Duffy after he was admitted to hospital in Thailand.

The 90s boy band are currently on their farewell tour, and Keith was unable to perform at a show in Bangkok on Thursday night.

In a statement shared with, his rep explained he had ‘come down with a virus’ during the band’s time in Asia.

‘He’s come down with a virus so is being kept overnight in hospital here in Bangkok to be on the safe side and will join the Boyz in Australia in time for the next gig in Perth,’ the rep claimed.

The group has since announced he has not travelled with them for the next stage of the tour and will not be on stage.

‘Unfortunately as you can see we are only three, our Keith Duffy is lost in Thailand. Just like the good film says, Thailand has got him now,’ Shane Lynch joked in a video filmed ahead of a show in Perth.

‘He’s not well and we don’t know exactly what is happening with him at the moment, there are a lot of blood tests and one test and the other tests and he’s in the hospital right now, hopefully recovering, fingers crossed.

‘So just letting you know we are one man down.’

Keith Duffy of Boyzone performs live on stage in 2019 in London (Picture: Getty)

Mikey Graham added: ‘One man down but we are soldiering on, looking forward to putting on a good show tonight here in Perth and looking forward to the rest of the Australia tour and hopefully sooner rather than later Keith will be back with us.’

Ronan Keating shared the video on his Instagram page and wrote: ‘Perth we are ready for ya. Sadly Duster is not with us tonight but we are praying for his speedy recovery and he will be back with us soon.’

Keith was rushed to hospital in Thailand on Thursday, with the news confirmed on the band’s official Twitter account, explaining the 44-year-old will be ‘back on his feet soon’.

‘Keith @officialkeith was taken ill before the gig here in Bangkok this evening and has been admitted to hospital on the advice of the local medical team,’ it read.

‘Our brother will be back on his feet as soon as possible and we thank you for all your wonderful support in the meantime.’

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