Boris Johnson’s tea-making skills called into question as he is filmed making brew in election broadcast

Boris Johnson’s tea-making skills have been called into question by voters after he was filmed pouring himself a cuppa in an election broadcast on Twitter.

The Prime Minister was criticised for not taking the teabag out, with some saying the technique might even lose the Conservatives some votes when the country goes to the polls on December 12.

Mr Johnson responded to those who noticed how he takes his brew, saying: “This really is how I make my tea… It lets it brew and makes it stronger.”

After the PM shared the four-minute video from Conservative Party HQ on his Twitter, one viewer commented: “Didn’t they tell you where the spoons are in the kitchen? That tea needs a good stir and you are supposed to take the tea bag back out.”

Another said: “Well done Boris! Only issue with this video… Next time take the tea bag out before milk goes in,” with another saying: “He [Mr Johnson] forgot to take his teabag out of his brew, not the end of the world, but might lose him a few votes from tea drinkers.”

In the office walkthrough video Mr Johnson said he had been ruminating on the election and begins his day by taking out his dog.

Following on, he revealed he was unable to get a Thai curry delivered to Number 10 due to security measures, while he also said his favourite brand was The Clash or The Rolling Stones.

Boris Johnson answers questions on Brexit, the economy and Marmite from the election trail

He said “we are having this election because basically the whole political system is paralysed” and spoke of his “fantastic” Brexit deal which Parliament “refused” to pass.

After this he then embarked on an attack on Mr Corbyn, stating the Labour leader would head up a “coalition of chaos” if the Tories cannot form a government.

Mr Johnson will later pledge to end the “groundhoggery of Brexit” while taking a broadside at his political opponents in a combative speech tomorrow.

The Prime Minister will make his first key note address on the general election campaign, in which he will blast the prospect of a Labour-SNP coalition and criticise “far left” Mr Corbyn.

“If we can get a working majority we can get parliament working for you, we can get out of the rut. We can end the groundhoggery of Brexit,” he will say.


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