Boris Johnson’s satisfaction rating at record low, Ipsos MORI poll shows


oris Johnson’s satisfaction rating has hit a record low – falling to the same level as Theresa May’s worst score in her final months, according to a new poll.

In the midst of the “partygate” scandal, the exclusive Ipsos MORI survey for The Standard found 70 per cent of adults were dissatisfied with the Prime Minister, up five points since December.

Just 24 per cent were satisfied, down four points, giving him a net satisfaction rating of minus 46.

These results match Mrs May’s lowest in her final months, with 69 per cent dissatisfied, and 25 per cent satisfied in June 2019.

It is slightly worse than David Cameron’s worst score of 66/28 in July 2016.

However, it is not as bad as John Major’s low point of 76/17 in August 1994, or Margaret Thatcher’s of 76/20 in March 1990.

It is also similar to Tony Blair’s lowest in Jan 2007 of 68/25, while his successor Gordon Brown had results at this level at his low points in 2008/9.

Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos MORI, said: “The damage to Boris Johnson in public opinion continues as seven in ten Britons tell us they are unhappy with the job he is doing as Prime Minister – another month-on-month fall.

“The Conservatives are falling behind Labour in the polls, while Keir Starmer’s ratings are creeping up, even if many are still to be convinced about him.

“Six in ten now think the Conservatives should change their leader before the next election (including around half of Conservative 2019 voters), a big increase from happier times for them last summer and in line with views of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in 2019.

“Governing parties have come back from similar poll deficits in the past, but in recent history this combination of factors is a new – and very uncomfortable – position for Boris Johnson and his Conservatives to find themselves in.”

The Tories have dropped further behind Labour, with the gap growing from five points last month to nine.

Labour is on 40 per cent, up one point, the Conservatives 31 per cent, down three, the Liberal Democrats up two to 13 per cent, and Greens also up two to nine per cent.

The poll also showed that Sir Keir Starmer has seen his satisfaction rating rise five points to 33 per cent, with 48 per cent dissatisfied, down a point, giving him a net satisfaction rating of minus 15, highlighting how he is still to win over many voters.

But he is gaining support among Labour supporters, up 11 points to 55 per cent, with 34 per cent dissatisfied, down six points, a net satisfaction rating of plus 21.

However, even as the “parties” storm engulfs Mr Johnson, he is still as popular among Conservative supporters as Keir is among Labour’s.

The Prime Minister has seen his satisfaction rating among Tory backers drop ten points in a month to 57 per cent, with dissatisfied up six points to 34 per cent, a net score of plus 23.

Sixty-one per cent of people think the Conservatives should change their leader before the next General Election, including 35 per cent of Tory supporters.

Thirty-seven per cent say Labour should get a new leader before the next General Election, including 28 per cent of Labour backers.

Last July 34 cent of adults thought Labour should change its leader and 42 per cent the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey saw his satisfaction rating jump eight points to 27 per cent, with dissatisfied down five points to 28 per cent.

But his challenge is still one of recognition, with 45 per cent saying “don’t know”.

Two thirds of people (67 per cent) are dissatisfied with the Government and 25 per cent satisfied, little changed from December.

* Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,059 adults aged 18+ between January 19 and 25. Data are weighted.


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