Boris Johnson’s bromance with Emmanuel Macron is back on with back-slapping display at the G7 but PM swerves Brexit row

BORIS Johnson tonight declared ‘le bromance’ with France’s President Macron was back on – but swerved hammering him on small boats and Brexit. 

The Sun can reveal the pair have agreed to hold a landmark Anglo-French summit in the coming months after two years of dire diplomatic relations and snubs.

BoJo and Macron met for the first time since the French President was re-elected


BoJo and Macron met for the first time since the French President was re-electedCredit: Reuters
The pair were seen strolling arm in arm looking chummy


The pair were seen strolling arm in arm looking chummyCredit: PA

After a bitter falling out over Covid vaccines and Brexit, BoJo’s allies say both sides agreed a reset was “overdue” at talks yesterday.

A new security and defence alliance between the two nations could be forged at a London or Paris meeting in the next 12 months.

But the PM risks accusations of surrendering to Paris on all contentious issues by steering clear of tricky subjects to avoid a row.

The pair met for the first time since Mr Macron was mauled by French voters on the fringes of the G7 summit in Bavaria.

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One UK source said: “It’s amazing what some domestic strife can do to bring other people to the table.” 

But it’s clear No10 tried to avoid a repeat of last year’s summit dust up in Cornwall over Northern Ireland.

The French even claimed last night Mr Johnson had shown “beacoup d’enthousiasme” for Macron’s new idea of a two speed Europe that could have the UK as an affiliate member.

But Downing Street sources hit back saying Mr Johnson “was just being polite” and Britain would never join.

Tonight Mr Johnson’s spokesman defended ignoring the small boats issue despite more than 12,000 migrants successfully making the crossing already this year.

Instead he said the leaders had Ukraine at the “forefront of both of their minds.”

But the swerve puts the PM on a fresh collision course with his backbenchers.

Mr Johnson and Mr Macron were last night spotted burying the hatchet with arms around each other drinking Bavarian whisky after formal talks ended. 


Last night Mr Johnson appeared to goad his Tory critics by doubling down on his vow to stay in office until 2030.

Rejecting accusations that he was “delusional” the PM raised feeding the flames back home after claiming “we’ve got a huge amount to do” still. 

Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis said the PM’s desire to look “long-term” when it comes to his leadership “has got to be a good thing”. 

And he told rebels plotting a fresh leadership putsch at the 1922 Committee they “shouldn’t even be talking about it.”


Seven of the world’s richest nations began a three-day summit in the Alps of Bavaria, southern Germany, today – with the war in Ukraine at the top of the agenda.

Leaders from the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan came together to discuss how the countries can help the war-torn country.

The Sun revealed that Boris Johnson told world leaders to all chip in to help an Iraq-style “surge” to help Ukraine defeat Putin.

The PM said more heavy arms, intelligence and training were needed to help hero President Zelensky “score a goal before half time” against the Russian invaders.

Yet the summit hasn’t been without its share of laughs.

Earlier BoJo and Canada’s Justin Trudeau openly mocked Mad Vlad Putin for his bold photo ops.

 The Kremlin tyrant was the butt of early jokes for his bizarre photos shooting bears and riding topless.

At the start of talks between the leaders of the industrial powers, the PM declared “we have to show that we’re tougher than Putin” as he took off jacket.

And the Canadian PM quipped back suggesting they go for a “bare chested horseback ride”, with BoJo adding: “show our pecks”.

The recently re-elected French president gave a thumbs up


The recently re-elected French president gave a thumbs upCredit: Reuters
The pair agreed to a "reset" of Anglo-French relations


The pair agreed to a “reset” of Anglo-French relationsCredit: Reuters
BoJo and Mac also got pally with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, left, Canada's Justin Trudeau, centre, and Japan's PM Fumio Kishida


BoJo and Mac also got pally with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, left, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, centre, and Japan’s PM Fumio KishidaCredit: AP


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