Boris Johnson and G7 leaders mock Vladimir Putin's bare-chested horseback ride

Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau traded gags about Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin at the G7 summit, with the PM telling an official meeting ‘we’ve got to show our pecs’

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G7 leaders mock Putin at roundtable meeting in Germany

Boris Johnson and his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau mocked bare-chested Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin at a crunch gathering of global leaders.

The two prime ministers joked about the Russian President at the G7 summit in Bavaria, Germany, where the sun shone and the mercury topped 28C.

As leaders greeted each other, Mr Johnson asked if he should keep his jacket on, and then said: “Shall we take our clothes off?”

He added: “We have to show that we’re tougher than Putin.”

Mr Trudeau quipped “bare chested horseback ride” in a reference to infamous pictures of the Kremlin despot shedding his shirt for a hack in the mountains.

Mr Johnson then could be heard, saying: “We’ve got to show our pecs.”

Russia’s Vladimir Putin was famously pictured riding a horse shirtless in 2009



Russian President Vladimir Putin


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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen added: “Horseback riding is the best.”

Mr Johnson later suggested that Russia might not have invaded Ukraine if Mr Putin had Tory backbenchers on his case.

In an interview with CNN, the Prime Minister was asked about his message to Tory MPs, who say “he is a drag on his ticket”.

He said: “I think the great thing about democracy is that leaders are under scrutiny and that I do have, even though you say I got things going on back home, that’s a good thing. I have got people on my case, I have got people making arguments.”

The PM added: “Do you really think that Vladimir Putin would have launched an invasion of another sovereign country if he’d had people to listen to properly… arguing, if he’d had a committee of backbenchers, the 1922 Committee, on his case?”

Earlier, Mr Johnson and Mr Trudeau also bantered about the size of their official aircraft in talks on the sidelines of the summit.

Boris Johnson joins world leaders for talks at the G7 summit


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Mr Johnson told the Canadian premier that he spotted “Canada Force One” on the Tarmac at Munich Airport when he touched down this morning from the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Rwandan capital, Kigali.

“Can Force One”, as the plane is known, is an Airbus A310 categorised as a CC-150 Polaris.

Mr Trudeau joked that Mr Johnson’s Airbus A321 plane was bigger – to which the British PM insisted his jet is “very modest”.

The Tory leader has been forced to use the smaller of his two planes because Prince Charles was using the Airbus A330 RAF Voyager to fly to Rwanda, because of protocol.

The Voyager was converted from a troop carrier and air-to-air refuelling tanker to be used by the UK PM and aides on foreign trips.

The revamp cost taxpayers £10million – and when Mr Johnson entered No10 he demanded a £900,000 paint job to switch the aircraft from military grey to patriotic red, white and blue.

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