Borderlands 3 may have only launched on PS4 and Xbox One in September of this year, but Gearbox’s Game of the Year nominee is already much cheaper – just in time for Christmas.

GAME has slashed the price of the game on both consoles from £39.99 down to just £19.99 – that’s even better than the Black Friday deal that saw the price hit £39.99 in the first place! For comparison, Amazon has reduced the game to £28.99 as part of its Last-Minute Christmas Deals.

In our review we said “Borderlands 3 is the gaming equivalent of a good popcorn movie, and one that can be picked up and played for half an hour, or an entire evening” and awarded the game four out of five stars. You can read the full review here.

Borderlands 3 is the return of the looter-shooter franchise that began in 2009, and brings a huge sixty-hour campaign that you can play with your friends in co-op – and at this price, you could pick up a copy just for them.

Borderlands 3 (PlayStation 4)
WAS £39.99 • NOW £19.99 • GET THE DEAL HERE

Borderlands 3 (Xbox One)
WAS £39.99 • NOW £19.99 • GET THE DEAL HERE

There’s also plenty to do once the credits roll, with Borderlands 3 offering endgame content in spades – with Circle of Slaughter providing a great horde-style mode, True Vault Hunter Mode offering a “New Game Plus” style of campaign, and Mayhem Mode – which increases loot by 200% while boosting the difficulty.

In fact, there’s even more content available as of yesterday, December 19, as the game’s first expansion launched. “Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot” sees players taking back a casino from the franchise’s standout villain, Handsome Jack, after his death in Borderlands 2.

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As is to be expected, there’s a lot of new loot to find, as well as a huge casino to explore and bad guys to shoot. Early impressions of the DLC have been good, with the Metacritic score at an impressive 75 – capping off a good couple of weeks for Gearbox.

At last week’s Game Awards, Borderlands 3 didn’t win any awards but was nominated for best action/adventure and best multiplayer game (with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Apex Legends taking those respectively), while Gearbox also confirmed that it’s publishing Godfall – a PlayStation 5 console-exclusive loot-based title coming next year from Counterplay Games, a team made up of developers that have worked on games like Destiny 2.

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