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Let’s get one thing straight: Maggie Rogers is the queen of wistful sad bops. Just look at any lyric from her debut album. “I still wonder if I called you, what would I do? / Leave a too-long voicemail that I hate / And then erase it, like I planned it” — I mean, come on! Still, with the lows come the highs and in her newest track, Maggie is truly and equivocally in new love. And it’s amazing.

With a cooing chorus and the same honey-fused vocals she’s become known for, Maggie sticks to the theme of intense feeling in body, mind, and soul with “Love You For a Long Time” but there’s a noticeable notch up in brightness. This particular lover may not have been around long but they’ve surely left their mark, and “forever could never be enough.” There’s something especially assuring about the way she sings the title lyric. No matter where you stand in the world of romance, for three minutes and 43 seconds, you can’t help but believe her. —Carson Mlnarik


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