Boots’ new affordable Glow skincare range, tried and tested

When it comes to affordable skincare, there are few brands we trust as well as Boots.

Which is why we were very excited to hear the makers of the iconic No7 skincare line had a whole new – even more affordable – range in the pipeline

Boots Glow is an eight-piece collection of moisturisers, masks, mists and serums launched in April that’s designed to boost the skin’s brightness. Not only that, but every single product in the collection costs just £4, making it one of the most affordable skincare ranges around.

But could such bargain buys boost our skin’s radiance as promised? Three members of our editorial team have spent two weeks testing all the products in the range. Here’s what they thought…

Laura Hampson, Lifestyle Writer

I can count on one hand the number of times I have worn makeup since lockdown began and, while I thought this makeup-free existence would do wonders for my normal/oily skin, instead it’s been dull, dull dull. Boot’s new candy floss-hued ‘Glow’ range seemed like a welcome saviour.

The colour is an obvious nod to Glossier’s trademark millennial pink branding, but the eight-piece collection is a fraction of the price. While its heavy floral fragrance could be off-putting for some, after adhering to its six-step routine each night (cleansing balm, oil cleanse, radiance tonic, eye cream, essence and moisturiser) and a two-step morning routine (cleanse and moisturise) as well as the occasional spritz of the brightening mist and a couple of face masks over the week, there was a noticeable uptick in radiance levels. It was the first time I’ve used an oil cleanser and, while I thought it might be too much for my normal/oily skin, it nourished the skin instead of drying it out.

My favourite item was the ‘Radiance Tonic’, used post-cleansing and pre-moisturising is a firm favourite and something I would buy again for its skin-brightening magic.

Suzannah Ramsdale, Digital Lifestyle Editor

The baby pink packaging and sweet fruity scents are definitely aimed at a younger market. Then there’s the price tag: each product is a pocket money-pleasing £4. Though, frankly, during yet another recession, single digit price points are appealing to all.

Boots has cleverly made wonder ingredient of the moment, niacinamide, the cornerstone of the range. A plumping, hydrating, anti-inflammatory hero that tackles all manner of skin complaints, from spots to wrinkles.

My picks of the range are the Essence – use after cleansing but before serum and moisturiser to help your other products really sink in. It may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but I definitely notice a difference when I bother to use an essence. The Radiance Tonic is probably my favourite from the range – use after cleansing for noticeably smoother skin; and the Moisturising Cream, which is lightweight and almost refreshing for days when your skin needs a break. It should be noted that it doesn’t contain SPF.

Definitely one for the youngsters, Glow is affordable, shelfie-worthy and a gentle introduction to skincare. For more mature skin or anyone with serious concerns, this probably won’t hit the mark.

Natasha Mwansa, Social Media Editor

As someone who has typically oily skin, achieving a glowy look that doesn’t veer into greasy territory has been a lifelong battle I’m determined to win. While the Glow range from Boots hasn’t quite got me there, it does make several points.

My first impressions were mixed – I’m partial to a pastel pink but I do wish the packaging were a bit more ‘grown-up.’ I did however, really like the bubblegum smell of the products and they left my skin feeling soft and supple. Within a week, a stubborn blemish on my cheek was showing hopeful signs of fading which was definitely a plus.

On the other hand, after taking the products for a test spin on a long walk in 26-degree weather, I found that the moisturising cream was a bit heavy for my liking and didn’t play too well with my make-up.

Overall I’ll continue using the moisturiser (as a night cream), gel mask and eye cream, but I do prefer a stronger toner and though the cleansing oil worked well, the cleansing stick failed to lather no matter how rigorously I massaged my face.

I would say that for its price point this range is definitely a steal. For oily girls like me however, it’s probably better used in conjunction with some of your pre-existing favourite mattifying products if you want to get that dewy/non-greasy balance right.


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