Booksmart‘s Opening Minutes Will Transport You Right Back To High School

Miss out on all those high school parties you wish you’d gone to instead of staying up late and studying? Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Booksmart will let you live that dream vicariously.

Now, you can watch the first six minutes of the movie, which follows two teens, Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) who spend one night trying to make up for all the parties they opted to miss out on while trying for a fruitful high school career instead.

The movie is set to bring a whole host of zany hijinks the girls will get into while trying to convince their classmates they’re just as cool as they are – even though it seems like skipping out on parties was something of a waste. Guess what? The “irresponsible” people are getting into the schools they wanted to, too.

The first few moments of the movie follow Amy and Molly as they head to school as they usually do, with graduation looming. They break down on the street with an impromptu dance party, which really sets the tone for how the rest of the movie will go for these best friends.

In class they’re clearly some of the biggest nerds around, chatting up their teacher Ms. Fine (Jessica Williams) about the crossword puzzles they complete and time themselves finishing. It seems everyone has a crush on or wants to get Ms. Fine’s attention, and another student slyly makes fun of Amy and Molly for “scoring their teacher’s number” – though not in the way most of the students probably want to.

The clip serves up joke after joke, with lightning-fast quips, hilarious interactions between Amy and Molly, and it showcases their witty personalities well in the few minutes afforded to us as an early preview. By the time the clip’s ended, you’re ready to launch straight into the movie. If this sneak peek is indicative of how the full thing will play out, count us in.

Booksmart is bringing us back to high school when it debuts in theaters on May 24.


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