Boohoo is selling a ‘butterfly kimono’ and it’s ridiculously extra

(Pictures: Boohoo/Getty)

A kimono is a garment defined in the dictionary as ‘a long, loose traditional Japanese robe with wide sleeves, tied with a sash’.

There are some outlets that just don’t play by the rules, however, and will be looser than the standard kimono with both the truth and their fabrics.

Boohoo are one such outlet, and have truly gone all in with their ‘Holly Butterfly Beach Kimono’, perhaps creating one of the most extra pieces of clothing we’ve seen in a while.

Generally, beach cover-ups are designed to give your skin some respite from the hot sun while keeping you cool. Granted, the Holly will keep your wrists and neck in the shade, but not much else.

The online fashion retailer say it should help to give you ‘plenty of poolside pizazz’, and that certainly seems true.

(Picture: Boohoo)

Just imagine flouncing down the beach with a frozen margarita in hand, looking like your third husband just died in ‘mysterious circumstances’. Isn’t that what we all look for from a summer vaycay?

The kimono comes in white or black (and for only £6 too) although you’ll have to buy a bikini separately.

As an alternative to a bikini, you could also take notes from this weekend’s Coachella festival and opt for an all-tape outfit underneath your butterfly wings. Although the tape would probably come off if you weren’t for a dip, this was never about practicality to begin with.

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