Bloomingdale’s is the latest retailer to throw its hat into the
clothing rental ring. The luxury department store has announced that a
new subscription service to rent designer womenswear will launch
through its e-commerce site in September.

Called “My List at Bloomingdale’s,” the service will cost 149
dollars per month and allow subscribers to put at least ten items in a
rental queue, and receive four of these items to wear at a time. The
monthly fee includes two-to-three-day shipping. Subscribers can
receive new clothes as many times as they want each month, but the
four items in each shipment must be returned together before the next
shipment will be sent out.

This plan differs from Rent the Runway’s subscription plans, as its
top tier Unlimited program allows users four items at a time, which
can be returned either together or separately. Rent the Runway’s lower
tier, Update, allows only four items each month. Bloomingdale’s
subscription falls in the middle of Rent the Runway’s tiers, which
cost 159 and 89 dollars per month, respectively.

Bloomingdale’s subscription service will initially launch with 60
brands including All Saints, Kooples, J Brand and Mackage.


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