Blast Renews Tournament Prize Pool: CS:GO Continues to Grow in 2022

Blast Renews Tournament Prize Pool: CS:GO Continues to Grow in 2022

For those of you looking to enjoy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2022, there is some good news. The community is going to grow even more. One of the biggest fears was that the pandemic would crimp on that growth, but this has not happened. In fact, just the opposite did. The community not only consolidated but it added new players.

Websites such as have been reporting a record-high handle all throughout 2021. Some of this is because of the pent-up demand for the game in 2020. Nevertheless, the outlook for 2022 looks very positive.

Blast Series, the de facto authority on competitive CS:GO has confirmed that it would be seeking to empower the competitive scene by providing players with more opportunities to play and enjoy themselves. That begins with $2.5 million committed to the competitive season all throughout 2022.

The prize pool would galvanize the top teams into participating, but it will also give a lot of inspiration to up-and-coming teams to try their hand. The Blast Premier events are definitely not easy to get into, but this is because of the participating teams which are the world’s finest and most accomplished ones you will see out there.

However, there are a lot of qualifiers. In the meantime, WePlay, another popular organizer of CS:GO events, has been actively promoting grassroots play and inviting more people to be more readily involved in it. There are numerous reasons for why this is. For one, academies have not been very popular in the competitive CS:GO players, but this has posed some recruitment issues.

Now, CS:GO teams are beginning to think like big soccer clubs, for example. Just like these clubs would have a lot of rookies on the bench, so are CS:GO teams realizing the importance of training more competitive teams. This will spark interest and bring more young talent into the game.

After all, CS:GO is generally a game that is played by people in their teens all through their 30s, but to maintain a healthy ecosystem, you need to be constantly adding to it. Even though the game seems a little “basic” in terms of graphics, it’s still one of the most unchallenged competitive shooters out there and that is a lot of fun.

The competitive scene in 2022 is only going to go one way – up. Prize pools are naturally a huge part of this development and an understandable one at that. The biggest tournaments are gearing up for another exciting run this year and that is completely understandable given that the overall player base continues to grow. Admittedly, there is more money in CS:GO these days than ever before.

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