BLACKPINK Reveals The Real Meaning Behind Their Group Name

How you like that? 

On Oct. 20, all-girl K-pop group BLACKPINK—composed of Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoovirtually stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared how they came up with their group name.

“BLACKPINK is—we kind of felt like there’s two colors that represented us the most ‘cause we’re very girly but at the same time we’re very savage too,” Rosé explained for the group. “We have a song called ‘Pretty Savage’ and it kind of goes with ‘black pink’ and so we thought it described us the best.” 

The foursome spoke about their Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, which goes behind the scenes of how the group (and all K-pop groups) are created in specialty schools where they do rigorous singing, dancing and performance training. 

“It’s kind of like a Hogwarts, a Harry Potter, or an X-Men type of situation,” host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out. The trainees at these specialty schools don’t have to learn traditional curriculum studies such as history or math, which Rosé was pretty happy about initially. 


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