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Black Friday Customers Play Video Games as They Wait in Line to Buy PlayStation 5 – msnNOW

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Black Friday shoppers in Maryland decided to beat the boredom of standing in line by setting up a television and gaming console outside a GameStop on November 26 as they waited to purchase a PlayStation 5. Bailey Barber told Storyful he captured this video in Bel Air South as he stopped by his local GameStop to buy a PlayStation 5. “I was amazed to already see a line of customers waiting to purchase the new console,” said Barber. “It just so happened that a man had brought not only his PlayStation, but a TV, a TV stand, and a personal heater to keep him warm while waiting.” Gamers hoping to buy a PlayStation 5 have been met by long lines, with some people lining up outside GameStop for days ahead of the November 27 Black Friday sales, according to reports. Credit: Bailey Barber via Storyful


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