Björk & Berries CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt on her Scandi wellness regime

Hygge. Lagom. Umage. Our collective obsession with all things Scandi continues to rumble on. 

But it’s not just the Scandinavian way of life we’re drawn to. Over the last few years, beauty lovers have been slowly introducing Scandi beauty brands into their makeup bags too. One of the biggest success stories is Swedish skincare brand Björk & Berries. Known for its use of local ingredients – such as birch, beech, oat oil, twinflower and sea buckthorn – all products are made from at least 95 per cent natural and up to 75 per cent organic ingredients. The brand is also cruelty and paraben-free and products come in fully recyclable bottles. 

Here, CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt shares her secrets to a happy and healthy life. 

The first thing I drink in the morning is lemon and ginger water or black tea.

I play tennis once a week, it keeps my adrenaline and competitive spirit happy. I also do a strength or core hour every week as well as going for long walks and runs in the summer.

My morning skincare routine consists of splashing with lukewarm water and depends on the season and what I am trying at the moment.

Right now, during winter, I put Rescue Cream from Björk and Berries on and just let it sink in before my make-up. It actually keeps the glow for the day. I use a light foundation from Laura Mercier and if I need to lighten up my face I put on a red lipstick from Kjeir Weis.

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I mentally prepare for the day ahead on my way to work, preferably with a walk.

Isabelle is CEO of Swedish skincare brand Björk and Berries 

My wellness during the day comes from taking small breaks. If I’m travelling and in meetings all day, I always try to go for a short walk and see the sky, otherwise I just don’t function. I also try never to eat lunch at my desk, preferably I go out.

I love grilled vegetables and mozzarella, as well as meat sometimes – I like to balance my diet. I don’t really do breakfast during the week, but it is my favourite meal at the weekends. I’m also a fan of heavy red wines.

Supplement-wise, I take omega 3 and boost with vitamin D and magnesium –​ in Sweden during winter we literally don’t see the sun for months and need to boost up to stay sane.

Before bed, I’ll cleanse with the gentle and nourishing gel cleanser from Björk & Berries and continue with a serum and a little massage. Right now I am trying out OSEA hydration serum. I’ll then use a calming mask or our Forest Extract Moisturiser

(Bjork & Berries)

I love really hot baths, usually I’ll also bring a good book and stay in there for an hour.

One of favourite wellness rituals is taking a sauna and swim in the cold Swedish sea in the Stockholm Archipelago, it is the ultimate relaxation and connection with nature. In the city, I am trying out a new infrared sauna in Stockholm at HEAT, a great detox for the mind and body. I also go to a great facialist for treatments every other month.

The most extreme thing I’ve done in the name of wellness is measuring the electricity in my body to see what my stress levels were – not sure I would try it again. I also have a acupuncture regularly.

I believe I understand myself much more now. I have learned to feel what my body needs. I really give more time now to exercise and wellness because I know I need it. Maybe it comes with age – I feel more responsible for my health.


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