Bird…A cover…Functional or not…?

Bird…A cover…Functional or not…?

A protection for your bag, whether it is from a designer or a bag made especially for you
that has sentimental value. You want to protect a bag that you have invested in or perhaps inherited.

As with many products, rain, dirt and too much sun are disastrous. This is no different for a handbag. A handbag that has been around for many years becomes more vulnerable, a handbag from the softest leather, with embroidery or specific applications is not made for rain to resist. And yet you want to enjoy your bag as much as possible, after all it is a utensil
(disrespectfully said).

That's what Bird, a handmade cover that always offers your bag protection against all weather conditions, but also an exclusive accessory, made in Amsterdam. Bird raincover is available in different sizes and designs. We offer protection for every bag. A sample or more information? Contact us for the possibilities.

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