Bingo Game: The Perfect Evening with Friends

Bingo  Game: The Perfect Evening with Friends

Surely it will have happened to you, organizing an evening with relatives and friends, to ask yourself what were the best party games to offer for after dinner, considering that some of your guests may not be too accustomed to board games like bingo.

When it comes to party games, the choice is really wide, and choosing the best of all was a really difficult choice, considering the numerous themes covered by this broad genre.

Hard work, but someone had to do it. So here you are, without any ranking ambitions (even if more or less the order from bottom to top would be this), our favorites, in the certainty that among these board games you will surely find what both you and your relatives and friends, even the less experienced.

Whether on the occasion of a holiday or simply a special evening, it always happens to be able to play one of your board games to play in a group and bingo is ideal for this scope. However, bingo fans will know that it is often not easy.

A good game maybe for a few players, another is too complex to play, and yet another may require a minimum number of players to run at its best. In short, in one way or another we find ourselves from time to time wanting to prepare a board game, but not having ideas and Bingo can be a solution.

This is why party games come to the rescue, terror of the most purist hardcore players of board games, but a boon for those who want to play with a large group, perhaps of unaccustomed people. Also perfect for breaking the ice with people meeting for the first time, the classic “friends of friends”, on the occasion of holidays or special occasions.

Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo: Player Preferences

The rules of bingo that is played in real rooms and virtual bingo, except for the initiatives of bookmakers and casino operators, are practically the same. What makes the difference is the flow of the game, which over time has led many rooms to close due to the greater accessibility of online bingo.

Playing from home is certainly a different experience from that of a room, which is in fact the ideal place to interact with other players. The program to which you are connected checks the numbers by itself, so you can easily buy numerous cards and the winnings are automatically recorded by the software.

Today the bingo has been declined in the more modern Bingo, whose rules are very similar, and which can be played in the special rooms to win large sums. But, when you play bingo with friends and relatives, the spirit is very different: you don’t want to win large sums, but just have fun and spend time together peacefully. So, the context is much more important than the game itself. So here’s how to best organize a good bingo at home, waiting for Christmas. But in Ireland and UK,  bingo is not just a Christmas tradition and the game is played everywhere at any time. If you are Irish and looking for an irish bingo online for example the web can help finding many websites providing bingo promotions, bonus and weekend offers. In Ireland Bingo became popular after 1960 and since that time it become more and more part of the National traditions.

Variants of Online Bingo

Another interesting feature of online bingo is the variety of games it offers. In fact, it will be possible to choose between some variants that slightly modify the basic setting of the classic bingo as we have always known it.

One of these involves the extraction on the basis of 75 numbers instead of the classic 90 also represented in the Neapolitan cabala.

Obviously, this version is more agile and faster, with prizes that are centered more quickly seeing the probability of having a winning number on the cards rise (from 1 in 90 to 1 in 75).

However, it must be considered that in this version each card has 24 numbers, so each winning goal requires more numbers to complete.

Another variant is the one that uses symbols instead of classic numbers.

These are just two examples of possible variants, but in the game platforms, there are others all very engaging, which give a new life to one of the simplest and most loved games of the entire Italian panorama.

Bingo is without a doubt one of the most popular and well-known games, loved for generations and still on the crest of the wave. After all, who can say that they have never participated in a Bingo game, or a home bingo during the holidays?

The success of Bingo is certainly the result of its simple rules, which make it affordable for everyone and very immediate. But for the most passionate players, even this apparent linearity in the development of the game hides the possibility of putting into practice strategies and tricks that can bring considerable satisfaction.

As in all games, luck plays a fundamental role, but some small tricks and tips can be put into practice to increase the chances of winning.

Always remember that fun is the great protagonist of Bingo games: if you win well, the important thing is to have fun.

The Systems for Playing Bingo

Being a numbers based game, many have worked over time to apply mathematical strategies to Bingo. There have been mixed fortunes in this field, but we can say that two theories stand out from others, demonstrating solid foundations on which to base one’s strategies and both start from a mathematical concept linked to the choice of folders. There are no certainties related to winnings, but we expose them to you as a curiosity.

  • Granville System

The Granville Bingo technique involves careful selection of the card based on the numbers. The basic concept is very simple and is based on studying the value of the numbers in the folder to be purchased. To apply the Granville Bingo system you will have to look for cards with an equal division of even and odd numbers. And the same principle applies to high and low numbers. The perfect Bingo card according to the Granville technique is therefore the one with the same number of even, odd, high and low numbers. Certainly difficult, but not impossible. Just apply a little.

  • The Tippet Theory

Always linked to the choice of the card based on the numbers, the Tippet strategy for Bingo is also based on the duration of the game. Predicting the length of a game is a difficult task but we can help ourselves with a minimum of logic: a crowded Bingo room often preludes a short game, as opposed to a semi-deserted room. Therefore, based on the duration we foresee, the Tippet technique provides for selecting cards with more median numbers in the case of a long game, for example around 45 in the case of Bingo at 90 or 38 in the case of Bingo at 75. short, it is better to select folders with numbers closer to the extremes.

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