Biden to propose infrastructure plan to create jobs and combat climate change – live

7.36pm BST

Joe Biden has just boarded Air Force One to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he will deliver a speech on his infrastructure proposal in about two hours.

President Biden salutes at the top of the steps to Air Force One on his way to Pittsburgh to rollout his infrastructure and jobs plan

7.20pm BST

Joe Biden will convene the first cabinet meeting of his presidency tomorrow, according to multiple reports.

The meeting will be focused on promoting Biden’s infrastructure package, which he is introducing in Pittsburgh today, and it will look quite different from cabinet meetings of the past.

To begin with, the full Cabinet won’t meet in the room that bears its name, instead assembling in the more spacious East Room to allow for social distancing. All attendees, including the president, will wear masks. Also, the afternoon meeting probably will not include the over-the-top tributes to the chief executive that came to define Cabinet meetings held by President Donald Trump.

The timing of the first meeting was deliberate: a week after the full Cabinet was confirmed and a day after Biden was poised to release his infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh, which will likely to dominate Washington through the summer and shape next year’s midterm elections.

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