Bible news: Turkey is 'unintentionally paving way' to End Times prophecy, expert claims

Tom Meyer, a professor of Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US, has now claimed the construction of a dam in Turkey may unintentionally cause the river to dry up and set Biblical prophecy in motion.

The Bible expert said: “The construction of a series of dams in Turkey which culminated with the great Ataturk Dam (1983-1990), one of the world’s largest dams, could be unintentionally paving the way for the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy within our lifetimes.

“The vast majority of the mighty Euphrates River’s annual flow originates within the nation of Turkey.

“The Euphrates is a great river, over 1,800 miles long, stretching from its source in eastern Turkey, through Syria and Iraq, and terminating in the Persian Gulf.

“The Euphrates plays a significant part in Biblical history and prophecy.”


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