Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 Release Time and Season Recap

For fans in the United Kingdom, Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8 will be released on Tuesday, July 12 at 8am BST on Netflix.

Before we wrap up Better Call Saul, let’s take a look back at what happened in the first half of season six.

Nacho’s Last Stand

After Nacho Verga helped Gus stage a raid on the Salamanca compound, Hector Salamanca and the cartel plan swift revenge. Gus helps stage information to distance himself from the plan and even contimpates using Nacho’s father as a pawn to bring Nacho out of hiding. Instead, Nacho calls Gus and agrees to give himself up without implicating Gus in exchange for his father’s safety. In a final confrontation with the Salamancas and the cartel, with Fring and Mike looking on, Nacho takes full responsibility for both the hit and for Hector Salamanca’s condition. He then kills himself before any of them can beat him to the punch. It’s a tragic, yet brave ending for one of Better Call Saul’s most interesting characters.

Lalo in the Shadows

Lalo survives the hit on the Salamanca compound and proceeds to not only look for evidence that Gus was responsible but also continues his mission to uncover Gus’ plans for a super lab. Gus is monitoring every inch of Albuquerque and taking every possible precaution, including planting a weapon in the lab should Lalo surprise him, but Lalo’s journey takes him to Germany to question Werner Ziegler’s widow and his former crew. Getting the answers he needs, he returns to the United States, but Lalo will need to be careful; the Albuquerque D.A.’s office are now aware of his true identity and looking to bring down the former “Jorge de Guzman.”

Kim in the Driver’s Seat

Though Kim is given a life-changing opportunity to receive a grant to fund her philanthropic legal work, she lets it slip away in favor of her plan to smear Howard Hamlin’s reputation, thus bringing an end to the Sandpiper class-action lawsuit, which would result in a hefty payout for Jimmy. Kim takes the reins on the plan, and she and Jimmy use old figures like the Kettlemans and other dirty tricks like a fake private investigator and a body double of a legal mediator to paint Howard out to be a paranoid cocaine addict. Their plan works, with Cliff Main deciding to settle the case.


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