Best Xbox One games of 2019: Gears 5, Apex Legends, GRID & more

With the likes of Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 coming in 2020, it’s fair to say most of us are looking ahead to what os set to be a very exciting year of gaming!

However, before we move on, let’s not forget the brilliant array of games that 2019 had to offer.

Below we’ve ranked the best Xbox One games of 2019, from ten down to one.

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10. Need for Speed: Heat

Developer: Ghost Games

Coming in at the number 10 spot on our list is the latest installment in the 25-year-old franchise. Need for Speed Heat hit the shelves back in November and its graphics, sound, and customisation are all top-notch.

This is a fun game and is much like the Fast and Furious films it takes inspiration from; flashy, good-looking and a fun, cheesy campaign.

To read more, take a look at our full NFS Heat review.

9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Set five years after Revenge Of The Sith, the game’s protagonist Cal Kestis is a young ex-Padawan forced from hiding who only narrowly escapes capture in the opening gambit.

Fallen Order truly feels like Star Wars, with the sound department killing it and the visuals really putting you into the gritty nature of The Empire. 

It is fun to play and challenging even to some hardened gamers at the higher difficulty levels!


Developer: Codemasters

The second racer in our list, GRID is a fantastic racing game, with a wide range of cars, locations, and circuit routes, which means you aren’t likely to get bored with it any time soon. The racing experience is truly unlike any other too.

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It’s the kind of game you can jump in for a quick race or thrash around for a 5-hour binge and still enjoy. The variety of cars, tracks, and unpredictable races make it one you’ll come back to over and over again.

You can read our full GRID review.

7. FIFA 20

Developer: Electronic Arts (EA)

Due to its popularity, EA’s football title was always going end up on this top 10 list somewhere. This year’s game has brought with it a refurbished Career Mode, allowing for manager customisation and dynamic team morale.

In addition, Ultimate Team has been diversified with new features such as First Owner Objectives, bringing a new twist to the online game mode. Also, EA’s new street football mode, VOLTA, makes up a very well rounded game, that has something for all football fans.

To read our full review of FIFA 20, follow this link.

6. F1 2019

Developer: Codemasters, Swordfish Studios

F1 2019 was released back in June with rave reviews from both the fans and critics alike. It’s generally accepted that this year’s game is one of the best, if not the best in the ten years since Codemasters began developing the franchise.

The game’s inclusion of driver transfers, antagonistic rivalries and a superb driving experience makes this game an unquestionable hit. 

If you want to find out more, head over to our full F1 2019 review.

5. NBA 2K20

Developer: Visual Concepts

Without question, this is the best NBA 2K title to date. The visuals are crisp, the gameplay bugs from previous editions have been eradicated and there has been significant improvements to already top quality modes.

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The changes to offense and defense make it easier for those who struggle with in-game plays, but are so rewarding when you get them right. This is the most customisable and ambitious 2K title yet.

For our full NBA 2K20 review, head here.

4. Gears 5

Developer: The Coalition

Gears 5 continues one of the greatest sagas in video game history with a gripping story, visually stunning graphics and addictive multiplayer experience.

This unique third-person shooter gets better and better with each instalment and Gears 5 certainly delivers for newbies and veterans alike.

To find out more about Gears 5, head here.

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