They’re going to be learning for their whole lives, so we might as well make learning fun for them where we can.  

Spark their bright little minds with imagination with toys that focus on science, technology, engineering and maths; after all, they could be the next generation of innovators.

Luckily, you don’t have to fork out too much on STEM related toys, some of the options on our list start from as little as £17.99, there’s also a range of more advanced contenders that you can still get you hands on for under £100.

However old your child is and whatever budget you’re looking to stay at, we’ve listed some of the best STEM toys below.

Best STEM toys for 2019 

1. GraviTrax Starter Set

GraviTrax Starter Set

Gravity is where curiosity starts, help your little innovator to explore the wonderful world of gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and a lot of fun.

This kit includes over 100 components with everything you’ll need to get them started building and free styling with their own designs.

The kit is perfect to get them thinking and problem solving. It recommends use for ages between 8 – 99 years old – so it’s one to be enjoyed for a lifetime of brain training.

Price: £34.99, John Lewis – buy here now

2. Tech Will Save Us, Electro Dough Kit

Tech Will Save Us, Electro Dough Kit

Science can be fun, musical even.

This fun and interactive toy teaches children aged four years and over the essentials in electrical circuit building. The brightly coloured dough allows them to unleash their creativity and make whatever they like.

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Build, squish, add light or some sound with this multi functional toy.

Price: £22.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. K’NEX Control Crane Construction Set

K’NEX Control Crane Construction Set

If you have a little one fascinated with cranes, now they can build and operate their own – from home.

Using easy to navigate colour coded instructions, they will build an authentic replica of a crane using rods and connecting pieces. The set is also motorized movement for realistic action.

Suitable for seven years old upwards.

Price: £50, Argos – buy here now

4. Smartlab Squishy Human Body

Smartlab Squishy Human Body

One of the biggest curiosities for children is the human body. Teach them all about the bones and the organs with this interactive toy, great for single or group play.

A 24 page activity books take children on an incredible journey through the human body and gets them involved with removable squishy organs.

Price: £17.99, Smyths toys – buy here now

5. Detective Dot The Megapack

Detective Dot The Megapack

If you’re looking for a toy to bring the coding world to life, this is one to look out for. The brand s also very sustainable and is formed using recycled paper, biodegradable inks, finishes and glue.

Detective Dot is a coding adventure perfect for children  aged seven and older and is also mapped against the UK curriculum.

The main character, Detective Dot, is a young British-Asian girl ‘techy’. She stands out in a world where diverse, strong female characters, especially in science and programming are few.

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Through fun and interactive offline and online activities, focusing on computer science, kids will learn a range of STEM skills, including how to protect their identity online and spot fake news – 21st century skills for today’s children.

Price: £18.99, Detective dot – buy here now

6. Engino Stem Heroes Greenhouse

Engino Stem Heroes Greenhouse

Spark their gardening bug early with this innovative, green fingered project, their own fully functioning greenhouse.

Bring gardening to life as you watch seeds form and begin to grow. Children are responsible for controlling the conditions inside the greenhouse and will teach them how temperature, moisture and light affect plant growth.

It’s also a fun way to encourage patience and treating plants well in order to see the results they want.

Included in the pack is a booklet which contains full building instructions as well as challenges, facts and quizzes.

Price: £80, Next – buy here now

7. Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes and Earthquakes Science Kit

Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes and Earthquakes Science Kit

Unless it’s on a screen or they just happen to grow up to be very adventures, they aren’t likely to be around any volcanoes any time soon -now you bring the volcano home.  

Find out the inner workings of the Earth and build your own volcano using an easy to follow instruction manual.

Trigger as many eruptions are you like, as the cone builds up by itself, like a real volcano. The plaster-based lava hardens after every explosion, making it easier to clean.

You can even build a working seismograph and fake some earthquakes to measure them just like the real scientists do.

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Price: £27.50, John Lewis – buy here now

8. Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo is an award winning learning tool that combines interactivity and hands on learning to create and innovative, educational experience. 

This device allows you to use screen time for productive and interactive learning opportunities by bringing a child’s game pieces & actions to life.

The gadget is suitable for children aged between six and ten years old, it explores a range topics like problem solving, language, physics and music.

Price: £70, Amazon – buy here now

9. Tech Will Save Us Synth, Educational Music Kit

Tech Will Save Us Synth, Educational Music Kit

If you’re looking for something for your older children, perhaps they have just hit their teens and are finding how things work less interesting – this is a great way to get their coggs moving, literally.

The device teaches them the basics about music technology, as well as creating electrical circuits and creating synthesiser sounds.

Price: £24.99, Amazon – buy here now

10. Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts

Your kids will enjoy endless hours of fun building their very own forts, just add blankets.

The kit comes equipped with 69 pieces and 25 geometrically precise solid plastic balls, as well as the reinforced sticks to get building.

It helps to promote collaborative and imaginative play with boys and girls, the parts are durable and easily transportable to someone else’s house for playtime.

Price: £43.99, Amazon – buy here now



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