Best Selling Games Of All Times in UK (from Backgammon to Xbox One)

 Everyone is a gamer, we just choose different games to play. Somebody likes playing life and death games in reality, while another one enjoys shooting virtual enemies. There are also people who try their luck in slot games like those ones from and others who do not belong to gamblers but are fond of spending cosy family evenings by playing board games. There are games for everyone and if you still don’t pay, then you haven’t found yours.

The gaming industry is booming, especially when we talk about video games so extremely popular as Gen Z & Millenials top hobbies in which the sound, graphics and storyline are rapidly improving and getting more and more fans. 

According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey conducted in the UK in 2020, about 37 percent of respondents said that their favourite game genre is action (e.g. fighting games). 35% answered the question ”In general, which types of video games do you play?” with action-adventure, 32% – adventure, the same percentage has shooters fans and a bit less like strategy games.

Best Selling Games Of All Times in UK (from Backgammon to Xbox One)

Quarantine has also played a role in the popularization of video games.  At the top of the list of the best-selling video games since quarantine began is Animal Crossing. It is a series of life simulation video games designed and developed by the Japanese company Nintendo. The player takes on the role of a human resident living in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and engages in various activities, such as fishing, catching beetles and fossil mining. Because of the real-time flow simulation, there is no end in it. 

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The second place is taken by an adventure game also designed by Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion 3. The player wanders around the haunted surroundings, solves clues and tries to find Mario and his friends. 

 Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is a kart racing game also easy played at free slots android tablet, the latest edition of which includes five new characters, new tracks and graphics, and an amazing orchestrated soundtrack.  And, of course, people still adore pokemon and play Pokemon Sword, a role-playing video game. If you are into RPG /action games, you should definitely draw your attention to The Witcher 3. The game received extremely high ratings from the press, with reviewers praising the game’s narrative, world design, combat system, and graphics. Moreover, it is suitable for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a new, trendy way to stay active in self-isolation. The 2020 edition of the hit Wii game includes songs by Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish and Panic! at the Disco. 

Online gambling is also developing rapidly and among the best online slots games, there are secure and reliable leaders in the UK: Moon Shadow, Jackpot 6000, Queen of Riches, Frozen Inferno, Fortunes of Sparta.

 If you still resist modern trends and prefer somewhat simple and time-tested games, we have prepared a list of the best-selling board games of all times.

  The Clue game is a perfect choice to spend time with friends indoors. Especially if you don’t mind using your brain a bit, as it requires excellent reasoning and deduction skills. According to Mental Floss, about 150 million units of Clue have been sold.

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  Another excellent intelligence-developing game is Scrabble. The game requires deep vocabulary knowledge, so if you are not very good at it, just leave it. 

  There is no person who hasn’t heard about Monopoly. This is exactly the game that will definitely not ruin the evening but will make you feel like a real estate monopolist or bankrupt, in case of loss. 


Backgammon is one of the ancient games. It involves the combination of several tactics and probabilities. Like chess, backgammon is studied with great interest by computer science. The result of such research was computer programs for playing backgammon, which beat the best “live” players in the world. 

The second place is taken by the game of two players, Checkers. The game is as ancient as Backgammon. There are different versions of this game, but the meaning does not change. It is currently played all over the world due to the simplicity of the board design. According to Reddit, the amount of checkers sold reaches 50 billion pieces. 

The first place goes to Chess, the most widespread and best-selling game in the world. If you are keen on playing this game, getting the nickname of a wise head is guaranteed. Although this game combines elements of art, science and sports, and also requires a lot of mental skills it is the most popular.

Of course, the choice of the game is a matter of taste. But we all have to admit that there are some advantages in playing video games. Firstly, they can be played in self-isolation without any risk of infection. Secondly, a board game cannot be compared to the virtual world, which you can only enter through an online game. Thirdly, you can make some good money streaming or playing video slots games online. Let the game begin!

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