Best scary podcasts: audio tales for the brave

Scary stories and thrilling tales aren’t just for Halloween, they’re suitable every day of the year from morning commute to a soundtrack for your chores.

If you want to add a little fear to your routine, then Spotify has created a Halloween podcast playlist featuring spooky fiction shows as well as true crime exploits, crafted by Parcast founder Max Cutler, whose network makes some of the best true crime podcasts around. 

As well as Cutler’s picks, we’ve selected some of our favourite scary podcasts to entertain you, from cryptocurrency scams to a deep dive into the making of The Exorcist.


(Criminal )

Murders are only one aspect of Criminal’s true crime focus. From fleeing the Mafia, to helping prisoners escape and cases of identity fraud that hit home, let Phoebe Judge’s voice guide you through these chilling stories.

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Inside The Exorcist

The 1973 film The Exorcist is downright terrifying and Mark Ramsey takes the listener into the inside track of the true story which inspired the film. For extra scary points, you can tune in to Inside The Psycho afterwards. 

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Lore is one of our favourite spooky podcasts and, in fact, is one of Spotify’s most-listened-to scary shows. Each episode looks at the darker side of history, focusing on the folklore, with a slice of mysterious creatures and unexpected events.

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Missing Crypto Queen

What could be more terrifying than losing thousands of pounds in a fake cryptocurrency scam? Accompanied by haunting vocals from the London Bulgarian choir, the search for Dr Ruja Ignatova will have you on the edge of your seat.

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The White Vault

(The White Vault)

A fiction podcast, listen in to the collected records of a repair team dispatched to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbad who discover what lies beneath the vast ice.

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Another podcast from the creator of Lore, Unobscured’s first season is an intimate tour of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, no doubt one of the scariest moments in history, whilst the new season explores the world of spiritualism.

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Women in tech podcast returns

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