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Best movies based on video games –

It should be noted that the word “best” is relative here. Even the #1 film on this list has an unimpressive IMDb score overall, and the majority have poor Metascores. Video game movie adaptations are certainly still finding their footing with audiences and critics, but that doesn’t mean that many of them haven’t left a lasting impression on viewers, especially overseas. All eight films in the “Resident Evil” franchise, for example, have made more overseas than in the U.S., some over six times more. Seven of the eight have made at least two-and-a-half times their budget. One of these films, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” cost $40 million to produce, made $27 million domestically, and a whopping $287 million internationally, making back nearly eight times its budget. It is this international appeal that makes video game adaptations a viable commodity for studios.


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