Best cloud games coming in 2020 (Project xCloud and Google Stadia) – Marvel Avengers, Get Packed, Doom Eternal

2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for gaming. Why? It will feature the release of two next-gen consoles, and the recently announced Xbox Project xCloud, along with Google Stadia, are smashing down the wall around game streaming.

While Google Stadia launched on November 19 this year, 2020 figures to be its big year as new games are released for the platform. Meanwhile, Project xCloud is something that has reportedly been in the works at Xbox since 2013, and is expected to launch some-time next year.

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Across the two platforms gamers can expect a number of titles to release through 2020 and beyond, which ones should you be looking forward to the most?

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Xbox Project xCloud

Xbox Project Scarlett has taken many of the headlines surrounding Xbox this year, as it pertains to their next gen console, but Project xCloud is perhaps the biggest news.

Cloud gaming truly seems to be the future of gaming, and Project xCloud presents the best glimpse of that. It allows users to game-on-the-go on their android device or Windows tablet. All you need is an Xbox controller.

It is a supplement to the Xbox experience as it is, giving gamers access to dozens of free Xbox games in the cloud, while also giving access to their own game collection at home.

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A number of games were free and available during the platform’s beta period, but going forward we should expect any game that can be bought on Xbox to be available to xCloud users.

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So, which games are we most looking forward to?

Cyberpunk 2077

STAR: Keanu Reeves stars in this futuristic RPG

Can any list not include this game?

Coming from the studio fresh off the success of The Witcher 3, this game’s aesthetics coupled with the gameplay being moldable to the player’s choices and style, this game is setting up as the next great RPG.

Imagine being able to take your phone on your commute and playing Cyberpunk 2077 to pass the time. Not bad, right?

Marvel’s Avengers

MCU: Can these heroes transition from the big screen to gaming?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe dominated many people’s lives over the last decade, but one area it has been missing is gaming. In May, we’ll finally get what seems to be a comprehensive Marvel game, and Project xCloud will let you take it anywhere.

The success of Sony’s Spiderman in 2018 showed the market for super hero games outside arcade-combat games. Marvel’s Avengers will bring a single player campaign, in which you control specific Avengers, and a multiplayer mode allowing you to customize your hero, squad up, and take on missions with your team.

The format seems a lot like Destiny, which would give fans of Marvel so many more hours of their favorite franchise.

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