Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard poked fun at guest Iain Dale today, following the political commentator’s previous appearance on the show when he walked off.

Ben and co-host Kate Garraway were speaking to Iain and columnist Ayesha Hazarika about Sajid Javid quitting the cabinet and ordering a Five Guys burger afterwards.

But as the chat neared its end, Ben joked that he’d “had enough” and stood up from the desk and walked off, leaving Kate laughing at his impression of Iain.

They were all in on the joke though, and he returned within seconds.

Kate had previously begged Iain not to walk out, telling him: “Not right now.”

Ben stood up and left, joking that he'd 'had enough'
Ben stood up and left, joking that he’d ‘had enough’

While Ben laughed: “We were going to get one of those airline seat belts to strap you in so you had no choice.”

Iain clearly didn’t mind being the butt of the joke, even adding to the laughs himself.

He turned to Ayesha and said: “She was going to bring her handcuffs.”

But Ayesha quickly added: “He asked me though, only at his request.”

Changing the mood, Kate went on: “Last time we were here, Iain, you didn’t want to stay, did you? But it’s fine, you’re back!”

Kate saw the funny side and laughed at Ben's joke
Kate saw the funny side and laughed at Ben’s joke

Iain said: “Apparently I ‘stormed out’. I thought I was actually quite calm.”

Ayesha told him: “I liked the way you took the mic off. Mine’s hooked to my bra!”

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Ben agreed, saying: “It was very considerate of you to take it off. You could’ve taken it off back there!”

Iain denied that his walk-off had been pre-planned to promote his upcoming book, saying that it wasn’t out for five more months.

Luckily he managed to stay put in his seat today.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV



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