Beauty of Norfolk hides the ugly truth of poverty | Brief letters

I’ve glad Lucy Mangan loves north Norfolk (Digested week: north Norfolk’s middle-age spread, and panic at the school disco, 1 July). However, along with her beloved small shops and flat walks, it has low wages, season-dependent employment, a lack of affordable housing and poverty, as demonstrated by a huge rise in the use of food banks. It is a lovely place to live for some of us, but no more immune from the ravages of this government’s policies than anywhere else.
Roz Treadway
Sheringham, Norfolk

Cast down by dire predictions due to your inability to stand on one leg (Letters, 1 July)? Then try windmilling your arms to improve mental health. Experts mostly doubt its alleged benefit to blood circulation. However, you cannot help but smile while doing it –though only when the downswing is in a forward direction. So says my brother, anyway.
Ailsa Cregan
Datchworth, Hertfordshire

We endorse the suggestion that Soulmates be resurrected (Letters, 30 June). We have spent 11 blissfully happy years together since meeting via it. Our only recent disagreement has been over whose phone to send this letter from.
Carolyn Booth-Jones and Bill Jones
Beverley, East Yorkshire

Boris Johnson did not really pack broccoli when he visited a factory in Hayle, Cornwall (Boris Johnson took official jet home from weekend with family in Cornwall, 3 July). His visit to the factory was a photo opportunity during which he posed with broccoli and a box.
Maxine Leyland
Coulsdon, London

On Tuesday, Royal Mail delivered a correctly addressed Christmas card that was postmarked 16 December 2021. Is this a record?
Sue Smith

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