Travelling hand luggage only is a great way to save both money and time spent at the airport. However, with policies varying from airline to airline, it can be hard to ensure all of your bags fit within the specific guidelines.

While weight is one common requirement, many airlines only set out rules for the size of passenger bags.

For example, budget airline easyJet boasts an impressive unlimited weight allowance, however, bags must fit within size requirements of maximum size 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels.

Luckily, frequent fliers have come up with their own method of boosting luggage capacity, without packing any less.

One traveller explained their hack on Reddit, revealing a specialist way of packing socks and shoes.

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He explains: “Rolling your clothes (not folding!) is another great way to maximise the space in your bag. You can apply the same principle to your socks and underwear and then tuck them inside your shoes.

“These smart techniques will save you space in the rest of your bag and keep money in your pocket.”

However, it isn’t just socks that can benefit from this space-saving method.

One Reddit user suggested filling shoes will boxers, belts, accessories, watches and toiletries.

While another explained: “I prefer toiletries as the shoes act more as preventative package. My electric razor usually ends up in one shoe.”

Passengers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to packing suitcases due to the costly consequences of baggage in excess of airline rules.

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Bags found to be over the limit often have to be checked in.

When it comes to easyJet, while normal prices for hold luggage are between £10-£38 for online bookings, if the checked baggage costs have to be applied at the gate, passengers could fork out as much as pay £50.

Adam suggests using “the ‘measure’ app on iOS to measure your suitcase before travelling to double-check it’s within airline allowances.”

Meanwhile, airlines such as Ryanair also include hand luggage weight restrictions, which, if flouted, could see additional charges of up to £50.

If weight is also a concern, Adam also has some tips to help holidaymakers avoid overpacking.

He says: “Check the weather before you leave and try and eliminate as many ‘what if’s’ as possible.

“Remember most places you will stay in will have facilities available on-site or nearby for you to wash your clothes should the worst happen.

“Keep this in mind when packing your bag, you are probably taking too much!”



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