BBC News cuts off Jack Monroe interview after branding Boris a 'liar' in furious attack

The food writer and anti-poverty campaigner stated that Boris Johnson has made disingenuous blanket statements on the subject of child hunger in the UK. She added that thousands of British children will have gone to bed hungry last night.

Ms Monroe told the BBC: “Children are going hungry and they have been going hungry and they will continue to go hungry.

“Maybe it is not a direct result of the pandemic and it is a result of austerity cuts, cuts to welfare, cuts to benefits and taking away the support structures that were in place to help children and families that are no longer there.

“Children are going hungry and I feel it’s entirely disingenuous for the Prime Minister to make a blanket statement saying no child will ever go hungry when thousands & thousands of children went to bed hungry last night.”

Ms Monroe tweeted following the end of the interview: “Just slightly lost my rag and called the Prime Minister a liar on BBC News. 

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“Interview wrapped fairly swiftly after that but I’m so tired of it all.”

Following the interview, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the subject.

One Twitter user said: “So are many of the people are struggling to feed their kids, have heating and keep a roof over their heads, tired of it all too.”

Another tweeted: “Never apologise for the truth Jack.”

The advice states: “Support should be provided each week for benefits-related free school meal pupils at home during the national lockdown and school opening restrictions, from the week beginning January 4 to the week beginning February 8.

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“This guidance will be regularly reviewed and will expire when schools are no longer asked to limit attendance.

“Schools do not need to provide lunch parcels or vouchers during the February half-term.

“There is wider government support in place to support families and children outside of term-time through the Covid Winter Grant Scheme.”


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