Bad Bunny and Dancer Get Stuck in Onstage Wardrobe Malfunction

Bad Bunny accidentally got into a naughty situation with one of his backup dancers onstage at his show in Puerto Rico.

As the rapper performed “Perro Negro” at his concert in San Juan June 7, one of his backup performers, Kiara Yamilette Rodríguez Saldívar danced against his crotch area and got the back of her tights stuck on the front of his pants for a few seconds, as seen in a fan’s video shared on TikTok.

As the other backup dancers covered them from view, the two got untangled. Kiara immediately laughed off the incident and Bad Bunny was seen smiling as he walked away to another part of the stage.

Kiara later shared the video on her own social media pages, as well as a pic of herself posing in her ripped tights. She joked, “RIP dance tights.”

Bad Bunny also performed in San Juan the following day, with no wardrobe malfunctions reported.


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