AW22/23: Munich Fabric Start reveals trends of the season

Trade fair Munich Fabric Start has developed its own digital trend
space, a platform that presents the latest trends, moods and colours
of the seasons ahead. It has revealed the main directions for the
autumn/winter 2022-23 season – FashionUnited has narrowed down the key
takeaways for the next season.

Classics, revisited

Wardrobe mainstays are updated to meet sustainable criteria and a
need for more transparency. Customers are looking for reassuring
staples they can keep years down the road and that are both simple and
efficient. Classic pieces celebrate a need for inclusion with neutral,
genderless colour palettes and highlight eco-friendly credentials to
add value to our essentials.

Munich Fabric Start

Functionality meets sustainability

Functional pieces have become a mainstay in our wardrobes over the
last couple of years, so the season ahead will keep on celebrating a
knack for practicality, this time through a more sustainable lens.
Designs are revisited to include a circular production and celebrate
sustainability, joy and a renewed enthusiasm. Both menswear and
womenswear collections will present pieces imagined for different
functions and with repurposed fabrics. The idea is to highlight a
conscious consumption and thoughtful approach to reusability.

Munich Fabric Start

Outdoor creativity

The outdoors are a main source of inspiration for the autumn/winter
2022-23 collections, using colours from the natural world such as
emerald green and orchid pink. But it’s not just about nature – the
focus is also on being creative. The idea is to celebrate open spaces
and let our imagination run free: pieces will be trimmed with sequins,
ribbons and printed with florals. The colours are bright and vibrant
while the cuts are oversized and laid-back.

Munich Fabric Start

Geared up

Autumn/winter 2022-23’s styles will protect us from the elements,
both literally and figuratively. Protective clothing is redesigned to
shield wearers from the weather, external influences and emotional
mishaps. Ego and community are both celebrated and we’ll see pieces
take on statement prints, pops of reds and purples as well as darker
tones such as grey and black. Over-the-top details will also be more
than welcome on outerwear and knitwear alike.

Munich Fabric Start

Tech influences

A constant inspiration in fashion, the tech world is once more
celebrated with a nod to 3D technology, artificial intelligence and
augmented reality. Staple pieces are revisited thanks to creative
fabrics and avant-garde styles while daring looks are influenced by
the latest technologies and digital gaming. Cuts, fabrics and designs
are all imagined to reflect the latest changes and innovations of both
the tech and fashion industries.

Munich Fabric Start


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