‘Avengers: Endgame’ Moves into the Top 5 of All-Time Worldwide Box Office

avengers-endgame-box-office-worldwideThe Avengers: Endgame spoiler-ban is officially over, but the box office numbers show few signs of slowing down. The movie, which is the culmination of the MCU’s story so far, has already made a habit of destroying existing box office records; many more are likely to fall. Take, for example, the current list of top-earners from the all-time worldwide box office, which now has a new member.

As THR reports, Avengers: Endgame has already made $1.785 billion in its first week of release, easily giving it the fifth spot on this historic list. That pushes the 2015 film Jurassic World and its $1.764.3 billion down to sixth. The new total comes after a Thursday earning of $121.4 million globally, a total that most movies would kill for on an opening weekend let alone a Thursday night. The latest MCU movie is in for another big weekend with little competition in sight from newcomers like El Chicano, The Intruder, Long Shot, and UglyDolls.


Image via Marvel Studios

But Avengers: Endgame still needs quite the push to move up the all-time worldwide box office list. It currently sits behind its own sister film, Avengers: Infinity War with only a paltry $264 million separating them; this one’s within striking distance. Beyond that, in third place, is yet another Disney product: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with roughly $20 million more than Infinity War. This one could and should fall to Endgame just as easily. The main competition here is in the two top spots, movies which have reigned for 10 and 20+ years, respectively.  In first place is Avatar with $2.788 billion, followed by Titanic in second with $2,187.5 billion.

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That’s a lotta bucks. Despite Titanic‘s silver medal, won from more than 20 years worth of re-releases and box office boosting, it’s only about $400 million ahead of Endgame. The first of James Cameron‘s two epic box office busters may soon slip to third. But Endgame is going to need more than another billion dollars if it wants to sneak past Avatar and its own decade of re-releases. But as far as Disney’s concerned, it’s just bragging rights since they own/have acquired the properties that reside in the top spots, with the exception of Titanic. Yay for mergers, I guess.

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