Avengers: Endgame Made Even More Money This Weekend Than Originally Reported

As it just so happens, Avengers: Endgame made even more money at the box office this weekend than was previously reported. The weekend box office estimates that poured in yesterday had Marvel’s latest on a record-breaking tear, taking in $350 million domestically alone, to go with $859 million from international markets. Now, as the weekend actuals are coming in, it’s clear that the movie did, somewhat shockingly, even more business than we thought, which is genuinely both hard to believe and not hard to believe at the same time.

It’s now being reported that Avengers: Endgame nabbed a grand total of $356 million at the domestic box office this weekend, to go along with $866 million abroad. That brings its global total through just five days to $1.22 billion. Previously, the fastest movie to ever make it to the $1 billion mark globally was Infinity War when it managed to do so in 11 days last year. If this movie didn’t make another dime, it would already hold a ton of records and could be considered one of the more successful blockbusters ever released. Just to put it into perspective, it will likely pass Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s total at the box office ($1.31 billion) any day now. That’s stunning.

We can now firmly declare that Avengers: Endgame bested the opening weekend of Infinity War, the previous record holder, by nearly $100 million. It wasn’t really all that long ago when a movie making $100 million on its opening weekend was a rare achievement. When Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man accomplished that goal, it felt like the sort of thing that might never happen again. Now we’re talking about movies, or really a movie, that can best the previous record by $100 million.

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This all speaks to the power of the brand that Kevin Feige and those at Marvel Studios have managed to build over the last 11 years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the most reliable brand in all of pop culture. With Avengers: Endgame asserting itself as not just the sequel to Infinity War, but rather the conclusion of this unprecedented 22-movie arc, it was always expected that this movie would be a hit. It was just impossible to predict that it would do this well all around the world. This genuinely does feel like the sort of thing that can’t possibly be replicated.

The latest entry in the MCU is going to continue to blow past records and achieve milestones at the box office during its assuredly historic run. The big question now, and perhaps the only question that really matters as far as financials go, can Avengers: Endgame become the biggest movie of all time? To do that, it’s going to have to top James Cameron’s Avatar, which is still far and away the one to beat, with a grand total of $2.78 billion. It’s been sitting comfortably in that spot for nearly a decade. Though, it seems directors Joe and Anthony Russo may have their sights set on the top spot, if things continue to go this way. This news was previously reported by Variety.


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