'Avengers: Endgame' directors explain why Captain Marvel didn't have a bigger part in the movie

Carol Danvers spent most of the film in another part of the universe

The directors of Avengers: Endgame have explained why Captain Marvel didn’t have a bigger part in the recent movie.

The superhero, who is played by Brie Larson and whose real name is Carol Danvers, spent most of the film’s runtime in another part of the universe.

Now, the Russo brothers have cleared up her lack of involvement on screen. Speaking to Empire, Joe Russo said: “It was a story about the original six. That was the focus of the film, to conclude a 10-year saga about those characters. And Carol’s a fairly new character.”

His brother Anthony added that Captain Marvel had no “depth of relationship” with the other characters in the film. “On one side [that] is an opportunity, but also – when you have a story that’s this size – you have to work with an economy of storytelling in order to maximise the journey in the movie,” he said.

“Because Carol was starting from scratch with everybody else, you needed to do more work on a storytelling level.”

Joe continued to explain that the character being elsewhere during the film highlighted just how big the MCU is, and how big its superheroes jobs are. “We love this idea that there are thousands of stories going on, and Carol, because of her abilities, is constantly in demand,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the directors also recently revealed that Endgame was meant to have a different Black Widow storyline. Intended to focus on the character’s role within society after the five-year jump, the plot line was eventually cut for time, along with several other ideas.

In a five-star review, NME said Avengers: Endgame could be “the most comic-book movie ever.” “There really is very little that could be improved about Endgame,” wrote reviewer Olly Richards. “There’s certainly no more that could be thrown at it. Whether your heart belongs to the original team or one of the newbies, you’ll see them get their time to shine. You will almost certainly cry.”


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