Australia Cyclone Trevor: Is it safe to travel to country after State of Emergency alert?

What is the situation in Australia currently?

A state of emergency has been declared in Australia’s Northern Territory ahead of the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Trevor.

According to, huge evacuations have been taking place throughout large areas of northern Australia.

The territory’s government said the declaration was in its Gulf region, with the dangerous category 4 storm set to arrive on Saturday.

What has the UK Government said about travelling to Australia?

Official advice warns of torrential rain and flooding in the Cape York Peninsula region of Queensland.

The FCO states: “You should monitor the progress of approaching storms and follow the advice of local authorities

“This follows severe flooding in northern parts of Queensland.

“If you’re in the affected area you should follow the advice of the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services.

“In a life threatening emergency always dial 000, or for flood and storm emergencies dial 132 500.

“You can also seek assistance from the State Emergency Service.”

What is a category 4 cyclone? How can it affect Britons on holiday?

The Bureau of Meteorology warned on Twitter the cyclone could have a severe impact on the area.

Category 4 cyclones are defined as “severe” with wind speeds reportedly reaching 279kmph.

Threats to homes, caravans and large scale power failures are all expected during those types of storms.

Residents and tourists have been advised not to go outside as the worst of the conditions hit.

How do Britons get to Australia?

British travellers who don’t mind a long-haul journey can take a direct, or multiple stop, flight to different locations in Australia.

In 2018, Qantas launched the first non-stop flight route from London to Perth, which takes around 17 hours.

Otherwise, the fastest one-stop flight between London and Sydney takes close to 22 hours.

Yet bargain-hunters will have to be willing to wait around for the low cost fares with more stopovers and waiting duration, with some of these journeys taking up to 55 hours.


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