Atelier by ISEM Fashion Business School: an accelerator for fashtech

The University of Navarra’s Atelier by ISEM is the first Spanish
vertical accelerator of fashtech startups and has been a leader in helping
companies consolidate technological solutions in the fashion sector. In its
third edition, the program is geared towards startups that innovate and
utilize disruptive technology. This year’s finalists will be announced on
December 4 and the program will officially begin on January 13, 2020.

What differentiates Atelier by ISEM from other accelerators is the
opportunity for startups to be able to test their product for seven months
in a fashion company. Atelier by ISEM is a meeting point between
entrepreneurs, managers of companies with years of experience, venture
capital, and business angels. Every accelerated company will have a
customized mentorship and training by specialists in key areas such as
digital marketing, corporate communication, finance, HR and more.

Atelier by ISEM Fashion Business School: an accelerator for fashtech

The main participating advocates are Spanish fashion companies,
recognized for their ability to innovate and for their commitment to
sustainability and social issues. This year’s collaborators include brands
such as Camper, Mango, Pepe Jeans, Tendam, Bimba y Lola and Sephora.

Counselors and mentors in association with ISEM Fashion Business School
will also be offering their expertise to the accelerator. For example,
eight former directors from Accenture will be conducting the majority of
mentoring startups in this year’s program.

Photos: courtesy of Atelier by ISEM


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