Asda is selling Oreo ice cream sandwiches covered in Cadbury chocolate for £2

ASDA shoppers with a sweet-tooth can now tuck into Oreo ice cream sandwiches that have been dunked in Cadbury chocolate.

The tasty-looking frozen treats are exactly as they sound – Oreo ice cream that’s been sandwiched between two Oreo cookies and finally, covered in Cadbury’s world-famous milk chocolate.

 Oreo ice cream sandwich sticks now exist and we think they look delicious


Oreo ice cream sandwich sticks now exist and we think they look delicious

Each ice cream sandwich also comes on a stick to help stop your fingers getting too covered in chocolate when you’re eating them.

Asda is currently selling a pack of four for £2, which works out at 50p per lolly, and shoppers seem impressed by the delicious-sounding find.

Commenting on a post on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one person said: “These are so good bought a box today.”

Another shopper added: “These look amazing… we need to try.”

Someone else commented: “We should have gone to Asda.”

If you’re already sold, you can pick up a pack on the Asda website or in stores now.

We can’t see these exact chocolate-covered Oreo sandwich sticks being sold elsewhere, although they are listed as “currently unavailable” on the Iceland website, meaning they might come in stock there soon.

Oreo ice cream certainly isn’t new but this is the first frozen Oreo treat we’ve seen that’s been covered in Cadbury chocolate.

For example, Asda sells Oreo ice cream sandwiches without the chocolate for £3 for a pack of six, or you can buy a 480ml tub of Oreo ice cream for £2.50 from the supermarket.

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Asda has 631 stores in the UK and you can track down your nearest one by using the online store finder.

Alternatively, if you’re shopping online you’ll need to meet the minimum spend of £40 and you’ll be charged between £1 and £6.50 for delivery.

For those watching their weight after Christmas, you might want to take note that each sandwich contains 185 calories.

In the UK, men are recommended to consume no more than 2,500 calories a day, while it’s 2,000 for women.

If you’re a big Oreo fan, you might be interested to know Cadbury now does white chocolate bars stuffed with an Oreo biscuit centre.

You can also now get regular Oreo cookies covered in Cadbury chocolate, if you’re not keen on ice cream.

Last Christmas, B&M sold a YARD of Oreos for £3.

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