Asda is giving away free vegetables to reduce waste

Grab as much as you like (Picture: ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK)

You might think Boxing Day is about picking up your New Year’s Eve outfit on sale or stocking up on yet another pair of shoes, but it’s a good time for household necessities too.

It’s a good time then to pop down to your local Asda and see their post-Christmas offerings.

The word is that the giant retailer is giving away free vegetables in its branches around the UK.

After certain stores gave away free veg during the final hours on Christmas eve, Asda is continuing its kindness in an attempt to cut down on food waste.

On 24 December, Asda stores were selling discounted Christmas trimmings at a bargain price of 20p.

When the remaining items didn’t sell out, staffers decided to give them away for free.

Users on Facebook group  Extreme Couponing and UK Bargains Facebook shared the news with one another.

After being closed on Christmas day, it seems Asda is continuing its generosity well into Boxing Day.

So be sure to pop by and see what you can pick up.

Lots of discounts are available (Picture: ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK)

Today, shopper Leah Garcia posted on the Facebook group today to say that the Queslett Road store in Birmingham was continuing the offer of free veggies.

Pictures taken by Leah showed piles of vegetables in the entrance with a sign reading: ‘We love food but hate waste – so please help yourself’.

Leah wrote: ‘I was so delighted when I saw it and am also gonna share some of it.’

And another shopper Magdalena Maria Lena spotted the same offer at the Kingswood Asda in Hull. 

She also shared snaps showing off trolley loads of parsnips and carrots.

While Asda normally distributes its leftover food to charity FareShare, it’s not possible during the festive period when it’s closed.

So where the charities are closed, shop managers have made the decision to give it away to staff and customers.

Bear in mind though, that this isn’t a nationwide policy and that it’s down to individual stores that are doing this to get rid of surplus Christmas food.

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