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‘Are they mad?’ Jeremy Clarkson slams driving rule coming into force at midnight

Petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has expressed his disapproval of a change to the Highway Code coming into force at midnight. The change will mean harsher fines and extra points on licences for drivers caught using their phones whilst behind the wheel.

While a ban is already in place on using a phone to call or text while driving, that will now be extended to using a phone for any reason.

This will include taking a photo, changing a song, playing a game or setting a destination on a sat nav app.

If caught, motorists could face an on-the-spot £200 fine and six penalty points.

This includes when stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic, or supervising a learner driver.

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The only exceptions are if the car is safely parked, or the driver needs to call 999 or 112 in an emergency and it is unsafe to stop.

The former Top Gear host has slammed the new rules and questioned whether those who enforced them “are mad”.

Writing in his Sun column in November, Jeremy fumed: “A new rule means you are not even allowed to touch your mobile telephone when you are behind the wheel.  

“Even if you’re in a traffic jam.

It comes after Jeremy and his co-stars, Richard Hammond and James May, released the latest instalment of their popular Amazon Prime series, The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois.

The trio explored the differences between English and French cars and the explosive series included helicopter stunts, bomb defusals and a propeller-powered car.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk this week, show boss Andy Wilman says the latest season was motivated by “jealousy” towards the French.

He said: “We knew it was a love letter to the French because we’re jealous of the fact that they don’t give a toss about what the Government says they should do.

“We’re jealous of the fact they go, ‘No we’re not gonna build our cars like everyone else we’re going to do this’ even if it’s mental.

“We adore that spirit of that rebellious streak.”

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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