Are any supermarkets open on Christmas Day?

Very few shops are open on Christmas Day. (Picture: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Supermarkets have different opening hours to normal over Christmas because of the bank holidays.

Missing something off the shopping list and only realising when you come to cook the dinner on Christmas Day happens to all of us, but unfortunately if you only discover what you’ve forgotten on December 25 your options for buying it last minute are very limited.

So if you do need to nip to the shops today, where can you go?

Are any supermarkets open on Christmas Day?

Hopefully you are fully prepared with everything you need for Christmas Day already because if you’ve forgotten to buy the parsnips, gravy granules or you’re in need of a couple of extra bottles of red wine then your shopping options are very limited today.

That’s because all large supermarkets will be closed today on Christmas Day.

If your need to buy something is crucial, your best bet is to head to a petrol or motorway service station, where the shop might be open with a limited selection of supplies where you pay for fuel.

Petrol stations at motorway services should be open on Christmas Day. (Picture: Jonathan Nicholson/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Co-op and Asda are among those who will be keeping some of their filling stations open over Christmas – you can check their websites for details of which ones are open.

Motorway service stations are required to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the petrol stations here will be open and have a limited supply of goods available (so don’t expect to find suet for a homemade Christmas pudding on the shelf).

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