‘Archer’ Season 11 Trailer Reveals a Newly-Awakened Archer Struggling to Adjust


FX just dropped the trailer for Season 11 of its hit animated spy comedy Archer, throwing the titular secret agent back into the world of espionage after a long hiatus. As fans of the series know, Archer got shot in the back and fell into a coma at the end of Season 7, resulting in three seasons of dream-induced fantasies that tossed the characters back into the 1940s, into an adventure serial on a tropical island, and into space as intergalactic mercenaries. It was a fun way to mix things up for the decade-old series, but it’s equally exciting to see that they’re getting back to (relative) normal..

The trailer opens with the end of last season, in which Archer finally wakes up from his coma to see that things have changed considerably during the three years that he’s been asleep. Their espionage agency has been reopened with strict new guidelines in place that include no drinking on the job. (In true Mallory fashion, she reveals this rule to Archer while drinking a glass of bourbon.) Cyril has gotten impossibly jacked, Cheryl has turned into the rigidly professional New Better Cheryl, and Pam has continued beating the shit out of people for money. Krieger is still growing vats of clones, but took the time to craft a Tactil Cane for Archer’s weakened legs, complete with a grappling hook and knockout gas. We don’t get much of Lana in the trailer, but it’ll be interesting to see how her relationship with Archer has been affected by his coma, especially considering she’s been raising their daughter alone for the past few years. Conspicuously absent from the trailer is Ray, voiced by series creator Adam Reed. It was revealed last year that Reed would be playing a reduced role in the show this season, but hopefully we’ll still get plenty of Ray.

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You can check out the trailer below. Archer returns to FXX September 16 with back-to-back new episodes.


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