Apprentice star Claude Littner sparks fury after controversial NHS and food bank tweet

Mr Littner is Lord Alan Sugar’s advisor on the popular BBC One show The Apprentice. But his comments online saw a furious backlash unleashed on him and for his shock views. He wrote: “If a nurse or anyone else need to make ends meet, nothing wrong with extending hours or finding part time work.”

When challenged over the comments, Mr Littner said working more was “surely less demeaning than visiting the food banks”.

He also said in later tweets that there was “no apology required”.

He added: “I responded to a specific query from a nurse who could not make ends meet.

“My advice was logical and sympathetic.

“Obviously nurses pay should reflect their value.”

But people online didn’t agree.

One wrote: “Oh no I don’t agree!

“Can you imagine doing a night shift as a Nurse then going to another part time job in the day!!

“Think I would feel ashamed of this country if some from the Public Sector was serving me fries!”

Another said: “This response surprises me.. we can’t all work for Lord Alan Sugar and have a 6-figure salary!

“I thought you would have expressed the disgust in how little our NHS and emergency service workers actually earn. My opinion on you has changed Claude, what a shame.”

A third responded: “I’d like to think a nurse looking after me wasn’t too tired from her extra job to look after me or anyone for that matter properly.

“Having spent quite some time in A&E of late I can say some of those shifts are gruelling.

“Don’t think I’d be able to pop to my next job after that.”

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Mr Littner was born in the US and has been one of Lord Sugar’s aides on the programme since 2015.

The Apprentice is shown on BBC One on Wednesdays from 9pm.


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