Apex Legends UPDATE: Season 1 Battle Pass release date could be in next few DAYS

Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass could have its release date in the next few days time.

Apex Legends has been out for just over a month but already it has skyrocketed in popularity.

In the space of a month Apex Legends has amassed 50million players and is growing at a faster rate than battle royale rival Fortnite did after launch.

And Apex Legends fans are now eagerly anticipated the release of the season 1 Battle Pass.

EA and Respawn have already revealed that the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass is coming in March.

However, they haven’t given an exact date for when the big update – which brings new weapons, loot and Legends – will arrive.

But it could be that Apex Legends fans will see the season 1 Battle Pass launch in a few days time.

It’s been rumoured that the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass has a release date of Tuesday March 12.

Apex Legends launched early February so a Battle Pass launch early in the month does seem possible.

If the Battle Pass does launch on March 12 then EA and Respawn would likely officially announce the release date at the start of the week.

Fans already have a good idea about what could be coming in the season 1 Battle Pass update.

The headline addition looks to be the new legend Octane which allegedly has leaked early.

Octane is reportedly a speedy character whose passive skills lets him regenerate hit points when out of combat.

A leaked image of Octane has been circulated, showing the character sporting a face mask, goggles and a crop top piece of armour.

Another leaked character, known as Wattson, could also feature in the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass.

Leaks have also hinted that flamethrower and remote turret weapons could be coming to Apex Legends.

While a night mode, which lets player battle it out under cover of darkness, could also be coming to the hit battle royale game.

• Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PCs. Stay tuned to for more news about the game and the season 1 Battle Pass


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