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Anton Du Beke: Strictly pro in rant at women who lie about boob jobs 'There is no point'

Anton Du Beke has slammed those who lie about having breast augmentation or a facelift. The Strictly Come Dancing professional claimed female celebrities should own up when they go under the knife.

The 53-year-old has spoken openly about having a £10,000 hair transplant in 2017.

The dancer spoke out in an interview with The Sun on Sunday, saying there is “no point” lying.

Anton commented: “The worst thing you can do is go into a room and say, ‘No, I haven’t had it done’. Just say, ‘I’ve had it done’.

“It’s like when ladies have a boob job. People go, ‘Hello, you had your boobs done?’ And they go, ‘Oh no’.”

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Anton stated in the caption: “It’s now over a year since I made the decision to have a hair transplant with @HRBR_Ireland. It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I feel 25 again! #HRBR.”

He went on to say in a post on his own website: “Back in 2016 as I rewatched my Strictly performances each week, I noticed that I was starting to go a bit thin at the front.

“And the more I saw myself on screen and in photos, under those unforgiving spotlights, the more I became aware of it. I’d cover it with make-up and do my best to avoid certain lights, but I didn’t like the situation at all.”

The star then said: “Image is very important to me. If, as a performer, you’re known for having a good head of hair, should you start to lose it, you lose it very publicly and it can very much affect one’s confidence.

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