Antiques Roadshow guest left speechless by surprise valuation of South African sculpture

“Well, if I had £2-3,000, I think I’d bite your hand off on that price, because it is extremely rare. He is the most highly-regarded sculptor. 

“He is called the father of South Africa sculpture. Impeccable provenance, extremely rare, by the greatest South African artist – it ticks a lot of boxes. 

“If you sold this today in an auction, in a very specialist sale, it would have to go into a South African sale, I could see it making £60-80.000,” he announced.

The pair were both stunned by the verdict as one of the guests held her head in her hands, concluding” Oh dear, I’ve got a son and a daughter who both want it!”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday nights at 8pm on BBC One. 


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