Antarctica mystery: Melting ice uncovers huge remains of 'ancient creature' on Google Maps

The mysterious skeleton of a creature has been found on Google Maps in Antarctica in footage which has since gone viral. YouTuber Michael Bradbury, who hosts the conspiracy channel MrMBB333, suggested that the skeleton remains indicated a dinosaur which had been preserved in the Antarctic ice. The video has recorded nearly 300,000 views, sparking fierce debate among conspiracy theorists online.

The video was titled ‘Antarctica Melting Ice MAY have revealed ANCIENT skeletal remains fully INTACT! Rare find’.

The near-perfect skeleton remains were located in a remote inland area of Antarctica.

The MrMBB333 host told viewers: “What you’re about to see here is intact, very large skeletal remains.

“I would guess this is somewhere in the region of 15 to 20ft. It’s intact.”

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He added: “I don’t know if this recently thawed and this has been frozen for thousands of years or if this is something new.

“This could be very, very old, going back to prehistoric Antartica.

Antarctica is a very mysterious place. It could be an old dinosaur. It could be a lot of different things.

“I know there are seals in Antarctica but I don’t know how they would get 50 miles inland.”

However, sceptics were quick to claim that the remains look like a seal.

One user said: “What looks like hands, fingers and feet and toes is what’s hidden in it’s webbing.”

Another remarked: “Google search for images of seal skeleton shows a pretty good match.”

However, others supported the ‘ancient creature’ claims, adding: “It looks like an alligator skeleton, definitely some type of reptile that walks on land.”

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One viewer noted: “Seals don’t have back legs.”

MrMBB333 has previously posted videos of ‘mysterious’ Google Maps in Antarctica, including what he alleged was a huge man-made disc emerging from the snow in the region.


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