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Ant and Dec reveal they completely missed Madonna’s fall at the 2015 Brits

Ant and Dec have revealed they completely missed Madonna’s infamous tumble at the 2015 Brit Awards – despite being the hosts of the event.

Madonna was singing her single Living For Love when she tried to remove a cape mid-song – only to have the cape yanked from behind while she was still tied to it.

She fell backwards, but was back on her feet in seconds and continued with the performance.

Now, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have revealed that in their second time hosting the event, they had thought they’d run a smooth show, being completely oblivious to the incident until afterwards.

Presenting My Life in a Mixtape for BBC Radio 2, the pair revealed they heard the news when they turned on the late night news.

“We had sailed the good ship Brits safely in to the port,” said Dec. “We’d done it without any controversy, without any chaos it was all done, it was seamless ladies and gentlemen.”

Ant added: “We had a little hug, didn’t we? Popped our ear pieces out… Grabbed a glass of champers. Walked to our dressing room and were talking to friends and stuff and behind us on the telly was the News at 10.

“So we thought, ‘Oh let’s watch this,’ so we turned it on. Top story: ‘Chaos at the Brits as Madonna takes a tumble.’ We were like, ‘What?’ We’d missed it all.

“We’d missed absolutely everything. We were quaffing champagne, Madonna took a tumble, the biggest controversy that had been at the Brits for years, we’d hosted it and we hadn’t seen it!”

Madonna later revealed on Instagram she was “fine,” and that the cape had been tied too tight.

Ant and Dec’s My Life in a Mixtape is available to listen to on the BBC Radio Previews website.


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