Anne Heche Calls Her Hollywood Medium Reading "A Celebration" During the Season Finale

Tyler Henry had a feeling about Anne Heche the moment they met.

“When Anne opened the door, I had no idea who she was,” explained the clairvoyant—as usual—during Thursday’s season finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. “But I could feel that there was a deep need for a reading.”

Unsurprisingly, his intuition was spot-on. Before their session, Anne emphasized that she probably tops “the scale” as far as believing in the afterlife—and Tyler’s ability to connect with it—is concerned. But that didn’t make things any less staggering for the Chicago P.D. actor when the spirit of her late brother came through to catch up after almost half a century.

“I have this situation where I have this younger person that passed away,” the medium relayed, adding that the individual was likely a sibling and that the death felt “premature.” Of course, Anne recognized him right away:

“It’s my brother, Nathan,” she told Tyler. “It was a car accident. He died when he was 18.”

From there, the Six Days, Seven Nights star looked back on a handful of difficult memories surrounding his passing, like her experiences with homelessness and family tensions. And while the medium acknowledged that her brother felt like he didn’t get “a fair shot at life,” he also made sure to let Anne know Nathan found “total peace” and freedom from earthly hardships after passing over.

Hearing that was comforting for Anne, though it was Nathan’s thoughts on her own continued mental health advocacy that really drove the actor to tears.  “He’s proud that you’ve been able to talk about these things and discuss these things because you’re doing it for him, too. And he appreciates that,” said Tyler. “So, you’ve done right by him.”

His client—visibly moved by the message—thanked him for the umpteenth time since their session started.

“There are a lot of people that I could’ve heard from. And the clarity with which you’ve given me this gift is super meaningful,” Anne said, before going on to clarify that her tears weren’t ones of grief. “The word that’s coming up is celebration,” she told Tyler.

Quite unlike Anne, this season’s penultimate Hollywood Medium guest was a little bit more suspicious about the 23-year-old’s talents going into their reading than was her predecessor. “I’m not, like, a true believer. I’m more of a skeptic, I think,” Jamie Chung admitted prior to meeting Tyler, though anyone watching their session would probably have to agree that didn’t last very long.

“Would you say today you’re more interested in hearing about your personal life? Or people who’ve passed?” asked Tyler. Without giving anything away, the Gifted star told him she’d been “kind of in a weird spot” recently and was hoping to uncover some “clarity and validation” during their meeting.

 “One of the interesting things is, they’re having me talk about the love life and the career balance,” relayed the clairvoyant, before offering some insights from the other side about marriage and plans for parenthood. That last topic really hit home for Jamie, who admitted the baby issue has been on her mind a lot lately.

“Because of my age…I’m 35. You know, it’s always a question of like, ‘Should I wait? Should I do it now?'” she explained. And while Tyler definitely heard her out—and noted that balancing work and family can be extra difficult for successful career women like Jamie, given the “societal and familial expectations”—he still said that becoming a “mother figure for a child” would be one of her overarching purposes in life.

By the end of the reading, Jamie seemed to be feeling much less hesitant about her next chapter. 

“I just needed that kind of kick in the ass perspective,” she told the camera. “I came into this thinking, like, ‘Not so excited about the future.’ And you know, kind of feeling a little down. And it’s kind of shifted my thoughts in a more positive way.”

See how everything went down—including Tyler’s session with Steve-O at L.A.’s Peak Brain Institute—in the full recap video above! 

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Tuesday at 9 p.m. on E!


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